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Frequently Asked Questions About Partnering with FrankCrum

Are you considering whether your company would benefit from working with FrankCrum PEO to handle your HR administration, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation insurance… but have questions?

We have answers! Learn how partnering with FrankCrum, a Professional Employer Organization can help you grow your business.

What is a Professional Employer Organization?

Professional Employer Organizations relieve you of many of the tasks and responsibilities of being an employer. You can cost-effectively delegate the responsibilities of HR, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation to a PEO like FrankCrum. You remain the on-site employer and control the direction and management of your employees. FrankCrum is a pioneer in this industry and has been in business 37 years.

Looking for answers to your HR questions? We share solutions for business owners and information on PEO services in "A Business Owner’s Guide to HR."

Is my company too big or too small for a Professional Employer Organization?

FrankCrum’s PEO services work for businesses of all sizes, from those who have only one employee to those who have hundreds. Companies typically realize cost savings in outsourcing HR administration to a Professional Employer Organization because PEOs spread costs for workers’ compensation insurance, employee benefits and HR administration across a larger pool of employees. FrankCrum has flexible product and service delivery models to meet the unique needs of small, medium and large companies.

View some of our client success stories here.

How is pricing determined?

There are many variables to pricing which necessitate a custom quote. Companies typically realize cost savings compared to the mode they’re in now, and those savings come from different areas. For example, FrankCrum can offer lower workers’ compensation premiums to many companies and assist with risk management to improve safety performance. Most of all, we can save clients substantial time by taking on the workload of payroll, HR and benefits administration.

Please contact us for a custom quote and a cost comparison between our PEO services and the way you do things now.

I already outsource my payroll, why do I need FrankCrum?

When you compare payroll-only models to FrankCrum’s PEO services, you’ll find many other factors of value and cost-savings with FrankCrum. Lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums are the biggest area of savings for many client companies, which in some cases completely offset the administration fee (percent of payroll). Add in the value of deep HR resources, discounted employee benefits, and safety/compliance support and the savings with FrankCrum can be even more significant. We don’t just process payroll, we handle onboarding new employees and rehires, manage unemployment claims, remit payroll tax payments and filings and issue W-2s to your employees.

Download our free infographic to learn more about what employers need to know about payroll processing.

What if I already have a payroll and/or HR person on staff?

Many of FrankCrum’s clients who do have HR and payroll staff still find that it’s difficult to keep up with HR administration and all the specialization that’s needed to stay consistently compliant. We supplement and support your staff to handle the full range of HR including payroll, payroll taxes, deductions, wage garnishments, wage and hour compliance, ACA compliance, unemployment claims, workplace safety programs and more. Partnering with us for PEO services means you go from an HR team of one or several to an HR team of dozens.

How does the contract work?

The FrankCrum contract has a term of 12 months, with automatic renewals. When you provide the required termination notice in writing, there is no penalty for ending the contract prior to the expiration of the term.

I just want workers’ compensation insurance, why do I have to give up my payroll?

PEO’s like FrankCrum bundle services for payroll, HR and optional employee benefits with worker’s compensation insurance coverage to form a co-employment relationship.  This co-employment model is the foundation for saving money on workers’ compensation insurance, and thus is not offered on an a la carte basis. This is one way that PEO’s are different from insurance companies. It all starts with FrankCrum’s payroll services, and then your paid employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. The benefits to you include lower workers’ compensation insurance rates, added efficiencies of administrative support for payroll and HR, significant time savings, and deep resources to stay safe and consistently compliant.

Read our free guide to learn more about the wage and hour mistakes that could hurt your company.

When it comes to health benefits, will I be able to choose from a variety of carriers or am I limited to one option?

FrankCrum offers a master health plan through Aetna along with a full range of other carrier options. We can customize a benefits program that fits your needs and budget as part of our PEO services. If you already have a plan, we can administer it for you as well. We also offer retirement savings accounts and other health benefits that employees can elect without any employer contributions such as dental and vision plans.

Are there benefits I can offer my employees that don’t require a company contribution?

When you partner with FrankCrum, your employees have a host of voluntary benefits available to them at no cost to you. Those include dental, vision, long and short-term disability, critical illness, cancer policies, flexible spending accounts and more. FrankCrum also offers a 401(k) plan with no setup fees or match required. Your employees can enjoy perks like discounted theme park and movie tickets and access to discounted services for pets.

See how you can offer the benefits your employees want in our guide to employee benefits program development.

What if I have a question or issue along the way?

FrankCrum assigns a dedicated team of specialists to your account. You will be in regular contact with your payroll team. You’ll also have an Account Manager who will be available to assist you with any questions or issues with your PEO services.

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